How to duplicate line items?

Discussion created by tomosius on Aug 21, 2017
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I have no idea how to describe:

I have database, where customers are making orders.

One order is containing multiple Rows.


How to setup database, That I could do Following:

Create Delivery For all items or just Few (Cool Off request) by customer.

For Example: Customer ordered products A, B, C and D.

I need:

It might happen, that all products will not fit on one delivery, so there will be separate 2 or more deliveries.

I have to make Delivery Notes for each driver what they are delivering.

Also it is possible that one driver will be deliveryng A, B and 1/2C, seconf: 1/2C and D (saving delivery expenses).


Hope you guys will understand my request.


How to set up database for this Situation?

I was thinking to arrange this way:

Order ID >- Order line items >-Delivery.


Problem for me is appearing, that every line items is creating new delivery. 



Any ideas are more than welcome.


P.S.: I was thinking to make Database like this:

Orders>-order line items

Deliveries>-Deliveries line items

Problem in here: i will be duplicating records, is there any workaround this? Even in this situation i will have to create layout with 2 portals and copy line items from one to another row.