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Insert File on Server trigged by Filemaker GO script Perform on Server

Question asked by user22621 on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by user19752

The first file is hosted on server with a table where I have a container.

My other file is on mobile device (iPad) wo have wifi access to the server.

I need to from the ipad run a script with "Perform Script on Server" to import the right file in the container on the server because I can't import directly on iPad because the windows shared don't work.

After I will be able to export the file of the container on the iPad and preview it(because the table of hosted file is linked in mobile file.

I tried this but the file is not imported in container:

in mobile file:

Perform Script on Server [Wait for completion; "x1" from file: "Base"; Parameter: "file://"]

Set Variable [$path; Value: Get(DocumentPath) & Get(FileName) & ".pdf"]

Export Field Contents [Temp_File::Container; $path; Automatically open]


in server hosted file:

Set Variable [$path; Value: Get(ScriptParameter)]

Insert File [Insert; Compress when possible; Temp_File::Container; $path"]

Exit Script [Result: "Script Ran,"]


Do you know the reason and the solution to my issue ?