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Populate portal with fields from another table

Question asked by octopi on Aug 21, 2017
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I'm very new to relational databases, as you'll discover.


I have a very simple database to keep track of my own songs and albums in their various forms. The database contains two tables: "Song Library' and 'Albums'


I add all my songs to the Song Library, the fields being:

sKey (a unique, auto added serial number when I add the song)



Record Date




I then have my Albums table which contains fields:

aKey (a unique, auto added serial number when I make a new Album)






I can enter all my songs into the Song Library, that's all ok.


I have a layout for Albums and what I want to do is create a new album and have a portal of around 15 rows that I can populate from the Song Library. So each row will have Title (selected from a drop down menu), Duration and ISRC. The Duration and ISRC should auto populate once I've selected the song Title from the drop down menu. I have made a Value list of the song titles and I can get the drop down list to appear in the portal but Duration and ISRC are not brought in. This seems a simple task and I just cannot make it work.


Songs may appear on more than one album as sometimes there is a CD Album and a Download Album with different barcodes so the data from the Song Library is always just referenced in the Album records.


Any help would be most appreciated.


Many thanks