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Export grouped and sorted data issues

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 21, 2017
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Hi there


I'm trying to export to either Excel or CSV a summarised report I've built which looks roughly like this in Filemaker:


SummaryPart 1 - MainGroupName


     SummaryPart 2 - RowNames

          Row1     Summary(datafield1)

          Row2     Summary(datafield1)

          Row3     Summary(datafield1)


     SummaryPart 2 - MoreRows

          Row3     Summary(datafield1)

          Row4     Summary(datafield1)

          Row5     Summary(datafield1)


SummaryPart 1 Grand Total     XXX


Please forgive the crudity of the mock up.  Effectively, Part1 is 3 main headers, Part2 is the many data rows within those headers and the summary field summarises the rows by their like types.


In turn, this carries on across around 13 columns, so I have Summary(datafield2) and Summary(datafield3) etc all the way to 13.


when I export either to Excel or CSV either by way of Save As or Export and by script or menu function, the rolled up summary results I need to actually work with are not pulled into the resulting file, despite my instruction at the export stage to group by SummaryPart1 and SummaryPart2.


Driving me nuts this is.


Horribly enough, it works with just data, but I cannot get this to work when I reference the Summary fields.


Any help is appreciated, thanks