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Portal not connecting to the Main form?

Question asked by karenola888 on Aug 22, 2017
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I've attached an excel spreadsheet with some screenshots that I hope will help with my question. I have a work order tracking form that has a couple of portals. One of the portals, which holds the 'Material Information' was working fine but is not any more and I don't know what caused the disconnection - or how to get it back. The attachment shows the relationship table and what the edit relationship screen looks like on the connection between the WorkOrderTable and the MaterialsTable.


Below those screen shots, I put a few more - one that shows the browse view and next to that, the layout view of the work order form. And then below that , the browse view of the MaterialsTable, in which you can see not all the records are there.  I took these screen shots yesterday and am just getting back to it today. I just created a new record (work order #7); added a material in the portal - but it is not showing up on the MaterialsTable.



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