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Possible Corruption? How serious is it?

Question asked by afwalton on Aug 22, 2017
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I am relatively new to FileMaker and I am working on a solution using FMPA 16. I've been listening to the Devcon 2017 sessions and it sounds like I should have taken "Force Quits" more seriously... (There have been a few times during development when I have had to Force Quit FMPA due to an infinite loop.) Right now my FileMaker file does not generate a Recovery.log or report any issues, but I have noticed a few performance issues I have had to use brute force to fix manually.


The first was that I found that if I copied a date into a certain date field, it would catch/lag for about 4 seconds. (I would copy the date using the following Script.

"Set Field [ Table1::DateField1; Table2::DateField2]"

I identified that this field was the problem by using the Script debugger, seeing that it caught on this step, removing the step. Finding that it worked without any problems; replacing the step, finding the problem resumed. I made a copy of my .fm12 and deleted the field from the table. When I remade the field, the script appeared to work accurately. This would be considered corruption, yes?


The second issue I found was that the Script returned some erroneous data about which Layouts were used. My solution tracks which field the user goes to in order to provide browser like navigation; however, in running this particular script it reported near the end of the Script that the user navigated to an old Layout no longer in use. (It did this whether or not my Layout Tracking was on). My solution to this issue was to copy the script-steps; delete the script and place the script-steps into a new script. This resolved the issue: my solution no longer claimed that the user navigated to that old layout. This also sounds like corruption, yes?


More experienced people: does this sound like corruption? If so how seriously should I take it and what should I do? Do I need to start from scratch and rebuild the layouts in a new file?