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WebDirect rendering in Chrome

Question asked by on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by mardikennedy

I have a solution that my client is planning to use primarily via WebDirect.  I have a problem with the rendering.


Periodically, it seems to lose all formatting (see examples).  It happens intermittently - usually after navigating back & forth between layouts for a few minutes.  I have not been able to isolate a specific trigger.  I discovered that it would clear the problem if I resized the browser, which is a simple solution but annoying to repeat all the time!


Has anyone had this experience?  Any thoughts as to how to resolve?


Thanks ... SCOOP!




  1. Although all the cosmetics & visual cues are invisible, it seems that all the buttons & fields remain fully functional.  You just have to know where the buttons are!
  2. I tried clearing the browser history.  The problem did not go away.
  3. Filemaker is hosted on a Windows server.


Browser / operating system: 

  • Chrome:  It appeared as a problem on Chrome on 2 different windows computers.
  • Windows Edge:  it was not a problem on either computer.
  • Internet explorer:  it was not a problem on either computer.  (I have found it extremely slow on IE compared to the other browers.


Here's what is looks like normally:


It looks like this when it fails: