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Limit Access / Permissions to Field Calculation

Question asked by lindseym on Aug 23, 2017
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I am wondering if there is any way to limit the editing of field calculations, while still allowing the user to edit the layout of the fields?


What I want:


Users to be able to move columns in layout view


What I don't want:


Users to be able to open manage database and change anything.


Edit to add: I'm currently researching this issue too.. so far I ahve found this: FileMaker Pro 16 Help which tells me I can, just need to figure out the how.



Here is that behind reason/rant:

I have an employee at my clients company who despite being told not to go in an change calculations, continues to do so. I'm a consultant so while her boss (and entire department) are aware she is doing things, it seems requests, demands, and simply asking her to check in with me fall on deaf ears. She may find a work around for a specific problem she is immediately facing (she knows just enough to be dangerous) -- but when someone else goes in to work in the file and uses automated scripts and buttons and gets unexpected results there is no way for them to know why there is a problem - which adds stress, confusion and quiet honestly makes it appear that my work is where the flaw is. Some times these issues do not rear their heads until copious amounts of team labor and resources has been used, or show up at the 11th hour, or creates additional work which again is wasteful.