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Upgrading: importing multiple tables from the old solution without manual destination selection?

Question asked by wimmmmm on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by stam66

I have a FMS16 solution, with two files: a UX file and a Data file.

When developing further, I typically add stuff in the UX file (logically), but often also need to add/modify the Data file.


I recently started importing the old data into the new version of the Data file - which seems good practice to me & many other devs.

I have a script that runs in the new Data file. It basically goes over all the tables - in a certain order, and for each table

  • deletes all current records in the new Data file
  • imports all records found in the old Data file, using the Import Records script step


Main script:


Main script.png


Function to import a specific table:


Import table function.png


My question is: since there's no way to indicate the destination table via a variable, how can I avoid the dialog during the import?

Only by setting the import destination myself for each Import Record step, thus deleting the function & creating one bulky main script?

Or is there a more elegant way?


Tx for diving into this ;-)