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Local Copies if FM Server Goes Down

Question asked by rmconlon477 on Aug 23, 2017
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I am in the process of designing and deploying a contact management solution for our office (roughly 25 users).  This is my first full app developed in FileMaker, so I am relatively new to the process.


We are planning on using a local installation of FM Server.   There will be a couple of users that will access the solution with FileMaker Go on their iPhone.  These users need "after hours access" to the data (nights and weekends).   I am concerned as to what will happen if the server goes down, if power to our office goes out, etc.   Does this mean that the database is no longer accessible via FileMaker Go and therefore our client's data is inaccessible?   Or does FileMaker Go store a local copy of the database?  We currently store data in Outlook, and it syncs to our phones so even if the Exchange server is unavailable we have a current copy of client data on our phone.


Any suggestions on how to tackle this issue?  Essentially, I am trying to avoid the situation where the FM Server is unreachable, and client data is inaccessible after hours.   I realize I could move to FileMaker Cloud, however we currently need scheduled scripts and FM16 functionality which limits us to an on-premise FM Server installation.


Any help, suggestions, ideas on what might work would be greatly appreciated!