Checkbox in sub summary report

Discussion created by PaulKneipp on Aug 23, 2017
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I have a solution with a checkbox field. I can see it won't work as I need it to in a summary layout. Is my best option to convert this field to separate fields? I have done this; and I'm now checking expert opinions. I set them up as separate checkbox fields - first I tried a "Yes" and "No" value list and sized the field to hide "No". In the summary report, I used them as four small edit fields that display either blank or "Yes". I could set up separate value lists for each field and make the first value the choices from the original checkbox field e.g. "North" and "No". So in the summary I would see values that don't require a header. Is this a good solution? I have tried to explain this as clearly as I can, but I'm no expert. Thanks for your time - it's much appreciated.