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pdf viewing from Server

Question asked by mrdambro on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by mrdambro

I've created a simple database with a container field for holding pdf's. I've used the "Optimize for Interactive content" option and the pdf's display as expected including being able to scroll to all pages. This works great until I upload to Server at which time the pdf's stop displaying. Making the field "Optimize for images (jpg, png, bmp, etc.)" will show the first page of the pdf, as expected, but when "Optimize for Interactive content (pdf, mp2, etc.)" is chosen, neither the first nor subsequent pages display. The pdf's can be exported from the field, but they don't visualize as they did on the local database. Making the image container local or managed externally doesn't seem to change anything.  Using version 16.0.2 of FileMaker Pro Advanced and v16.0.1 of Server.  Any thoughts?