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Update records in a found set without using 'Find'

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by beverly

Hi there


I have a found set which due to its detailed nature takes a several seconds to arrive onscreen when called for.


Within this found set, I have an option to hide rows when it's eventually PDF'd.  The idea is that the user presses a button to make the row hidden (whereupon it greys out) or they press a greyed row to show it.


Each row which is ultimately displayed is a summarised row using a ROW_ID to group them.  For example, I may have:


                                        Hide field

10 Row description 1          Y

10 Row description 1          Y

10 Row description 1          Y

20 Row description 2          N

30 Row description 3          N

30 Row description 3          N


This would appear as:


10 Row description 1 (Greyed out)

20 Row description 2

30 Row description 3


If I want to have all the ROW_ID's for 10 to be shown (Ie, the Hide field turns to a 'N') I can script it.  I don't want to use 'Find 10's' in the script as I'd need to rerun the initial find which takes a while to load.


I've tried replace fields on calculation against the hide field, but this wants to effect all records (not just the ID 10 rows), despite entering a variable for $Row=10 in the mix.


How can I set just the top three records in this example to be 'N' without the risk of changing the others?