Transferring old data out of current/active DB into a separate layout

Discussion created by lorimaine on Aug 24, 2017
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I'm using Mac FM Pro 12 on OSX Yosemite. 


So I have an employment database and have my "active" "termed" or "pending" employees. All are currently visible in my current database, but I would prefer that only my "active" and "pending" data stay in the database I use each day. I have created a separate layout where I would like the "termed" folks to MOVE to, so they don't stay in my "active" (this is where everyone currently is) layout. Is there an easy script I can create to do this? I am seeing things with set Variable and I'm not overly familiar with how to make these work. I was hoping to do a find for "Termed" employees and then from there tell it to move those employees to the "Termed" layout. Is this doable? I apologize, I'm relatively new to FM.  Thanks so much for your time.