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Update a txt file on MySQL using ExecuteSQL

Question asked by ndveitch on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by beverly

Hi there,


I need to find out how to update a text file on a webserver from FileMaker. We are working with a web dev company on a joint project and I have hit a snag. The web dev team have created the site using WordPress and I need to do authentication on one of the form fields on the website. I can fully interact with the MySQL DB that is running on the web server from within FileMaker and the web dev team has asked if it is possible for me to update a text file on their server that they are using for the authentication.


I have been mulling it over and surely I can use the ExecuteSQL step to update the txt file? Or should I maybe think about trying the new JSON functions?


All it will be is, going to a table in FileMaker, looking for all the records that are valid and then updating the text file on the web server with the reference numbers that are valid. That is all.