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Discussion created by avalanche on Aug 24, 2017
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We work with the data separation model and so far all our clients did not use the external storage managment of Filemaker.



We used relative paths and the documents were stored at network shared folders.



That allowed us to keep the database files small and control over the naming of the documents and the creation of relative folders.



Another advantage was that we worked for updated versions at our premises, so in case that we had to add new fields, tables, relationships etc at the data files at the time of update we exported data from the old version and imported to the new one.



Now we inherited a client that uses "Store container data externally" feature which is fine EXCEPT for updates.



When we export the data from the old version the external documents are "embedded" or "merged" in the database file and

a) size becomes huge

b) when we import the data we have to "export" again the documents ( this is done automatically since the new file has enabled the "Store container data externally" option)  that adds to overhead.



The question is,
is there a way to export just the "path" of the containers and not the actual documents during data export?