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Provide a Grid of information

Question asked by tekbench on Aug 24, 2017
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I have 10 Categories. Big Buckets of information if you will. Executive level stuff.

Each Category contains lots of different items.

Each item has a value and a quantity and a location.

I need to provide a 'Grid' showing categories on the left, Locations across the top.

In each 'box' in the field, I need to provide two key summary items:

Total value of items, inside the Big Bucket Categories, at that site.

Total quantity of items at that site, inside the Big Bucket Categories, at that site.

I already have a graph that shows total value, aggregate, across a found set. Same for Quantity.

The boss wants to see ALL sites simultaneously.

I can wrap my mind around calculating summaries or providing counts, but displaying them in a Grid (much like Excel) on a layout it throwing me.

Anybody done this before?