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Can you prevent clicking on a tab control from forcing a commit?

Question asked by dewitte on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by dewitte

Hello.  I have a data entry form with a tab control at the bottom. The form has a large panel behind all the controls so that if a user clicks on it inadvertently, I can prevent a commit.  I just noticed, though, that if you click anywhere on a tab control on that same form, I'm getting a commit action. 

I'd like to prevent that.  I thought maybe at the top of my onrecordcommit, I could check to see if the user is clicking on the tab control and, if so, exit with a 'false' to prevent the commit at this point.  I tried get(activelayoutobjectname), but it's not returning anything even though each tab is named.


While I could similarly put a panel over the area of each tab control, it still doesn't prevent a user from clicking in that tiny area right around the name of the actual tab.


Any ideas?