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Server Console Not Accessible via Web Browser

Question asked by Michael Frankel on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by RobPinhood

I set-up a new FileMaker Server 16 on a Windows Server 2106 box. This is the first time I've worked with Windows Server 2016, although it doesn't seem that different from Windows Server 2012.


The machines in this office are all on a Domain, and the box has a fairly simple configuration.


The FileMaker Server is not set-up for ODBC or Web Publishing.


And, for reference, I access the machine using RDP and sometimes a VPN (when I'm remote).


When I set-up the Server, I was able to access the Admin Console just fine. This worked several times without issue. Did my configuration steps (set-up backups, etc), then left it overnight.


When I reconnected to it this morning, I could not open the Admin Console. Specifically, I could get to the page, but it was blank. Tried this using IE, Google Chrome, and Opera - same result. Checked that I had the latest version of Google Chrome - I did. Deleted my cookies - no go.


I also tried tweaking the firewall settings - didn't work. I was able to access the server using the Command Line, but not with the web GUI. Finally I had the idea to restart the Admin Server process using the command line. That did the trick.


My questions are:


1.     What would cause this to happen?

2.     Is there a configuration step I missed?


Any input would be appreciated.




Michael Frankel

Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.


PS. Here's a tidbit that I stumbled onto. If you install FMP Advanced on the Server machine like I do, I install it with various plug-ins (like the Developer Assistant and others). When FileMaker Advanced launches, it does the usual "Setting up plug-ins for first use", however I noticed that it did not work and would freeze at that stage. I eventually figured out that you need to turn off "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" in order to have it work properly. I hope that helps someone out there.