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How to pull low value and corresponding name from a repeating field.

Question asked by shawnmberkeley on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by shawnmberkeley

I am creating a bid list from which I would like to pull the low bid and corresponding vendor name to have displayed in JOB::VendorBid_WinningBid and JOB::VendorBid_WinningVendor.


The list has JOB::ContactID_VendorBid (repeating field), which uses a value list drop-down to select the vendor ID – this entry supplies the vendor name in JOB::VendorBid_ContactName (repeating field).  Manual entries in three currency fields total in JOB::VendorBid_Total (repeating field).  I would like JOB::VendorBid_WinningBid to pull the lowest of the JOB::VendorBid_Total values, and JOB::VendorBid_WinningVendor to pull the corresponding entry from JOB::VendorBid_ContactName.


Can this be done using field calculations?  Or does it have to be done using a button/script?