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How can I automatically insert file references into a container field for every file in a folder, rather than inserting them one by one?

Question asked by WalterWhitmanMoore on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2017 by techt

I know how to IMPORT files in FileMaker, by selecting the folder they are in. This isn't about that.


My question is how can I INSERT references to all of the files in a given folder -- Word files, that can't be imported -- in one fell swoop?


My goal is to be able to push a button that runs a script that goes through all of the files in a specified folder, and all of the subfolders, and creates a new record for each, inserting a reference to each file into a container field.


When I'm done, I have a table with references to all my Word documents, so I can just click on the ones I like and they will open up.


Thanks in advance.