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Upgrade php on machine with FileMaker Server 16 to php 7?

Question asked by andrewblackwell on Aug 25, 2017

I'm trying to deploy a Laravel-driven site on my FileMaker Server machine, and Laravel requires php 7.


I have tried updating my server machine to php7 with Homebrew, and when I ask for the php version in the terminal with php -v, it gives me version 7.1, but when I load a page with phpinfo(), I'm told that the server is still using 5.5.


I have tried to change the deployment setting to indicate that I want to use my own installation of php as opposed to FileMaker's, but this is not helping. I'm guessing that I need to tell the FileMaker version of Apache to use php 7, but I have no idea how, to be honest, and scouring the forums hasn't yielded any working clues.


Any pointers as to how I can successfully upgrade the version of php on FileMaker 16 Server (while still using FileMaker's Apache server engine) would be much appreciated!