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Automatic reporting of database statistics in Microsoft Word

Question asked by edyas on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2017 by vincedubeau

I am working on a Mac.

Unfortunately I must use Microsoft Word to draft a long report.

This Word report will be based on statistics extracted from a Filemaker database (chiefly through "Count of" Summary fields).


Is there a way to create an automatic export of those statistics to a Word document?

What is more, it should be an export to specific places of the Word document, and not a concatenated list of statistics.

And thereafter, is there a way to automatically update the Word document, as the content of the database evolves?


I have seen the merge fields solution for emailing, but unless I am wrong it is not appropriate in my case because:

1) it extracts the content of specific fields in many records, whereas I want to extract statistics,

2) it's a one-shot operation, whereas I would need automatic updating.


I would be very grateful for any advice.