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Weird Webdirect error   ?script=xxx  fails ???

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by Oliver_Reid

I am sure I am missing something - Hope you will tell me what.


I just moved some web direct files from FMS15 where (they still run fine) to FMS 16 on a new server where they do not



If I include a ?script=xxxx  value at the end of the URL


e.g. https://myhost/fmi/webd/myfile?script=myscript


I get an "error your privileges do not allow you do this"  !!   -- This does not happen with FMS 15 !


This is true even if the file auto opens with full access password. Even if my script contains one line "Exit Script" - the script never executes


https://myhost/fmi/webd/myfile works fine but of course I can't provide context specific script (or parameter)