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Invoice - Print only certain line items

Question asked by SamOsman on Aug 26, 2017
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I have a database modeled loosely on the invoice starter solution. A customers invoice contains the following: (as 2 line items)


- The product

- The installation


We now manage stock through the line items table using Qty in and Qty out, which works great, once it's been invoiced it reduces stock count etc.


So I now need to add all the parts that are included in the installation line item to the invoice too, however, I don't want to print these as it will over complicate the invoice for the customer. But I need to add them for the stock to be reduced if that makes sense.


So an invoice would now look like this:


- The product

- The installation

- Part (x10 for example)


So is there a way perhaps using a check box I can add on the invoice layout to only show selected line items on the printed invoice? And also reduce the total price accordingly. But for those line items to still show on the invoice when viewing the record.


Or perhaps there is a better way to go about this? Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.