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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.


I am creating a database to help a law firm with their divorce mediation business. One of the screens they have asked for is for a lawyer to be able to easily track a fairly narrow list (19 items) of the "issues" for the client. For example 3 of the 19 ones supplied are "Child Custody", Visitation" & "Insurance".


I have configured an "Issues" field as checkboxes with an associated value list to make it easy for a lawyer to check off the issues while doing the intake of the client. I chose checkbox because it allows the user to select multiple values.


It turns out that the firm also wishes to one day be able to use the resulting collection of data to be used to in research on families and divorce.


I cannot see the checklist method I am using being a good method of generating reports down the line. Right now I would have to manually do a find on each value and write it down.


Is there a way to still have the ease of a checklist but have the actual checked value checked, entered as a distinct record of each selection in another table that would be used for generating reporting? If not does anyone have a good idea for a solution. I was thinking perhaps a portal with predefined scripting.


I have read through some of the previous material and philmodjunk wrote about a week earlier:


"This sounds like something that would be better managed using a set of related records where you create a related record each time you select a value. This can still be done with a "check box like" format if desired."


I just cannot see how.


Thank you in advance for any help. It's much appreciated as always .