Travel Booking system

Discussion created by mranjel on Aug 27, 2017
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Hi There,

I am very new to Filemaker and not sure how to start a discussion.

My wife had a system built that helps her managed her travel agent business.

It was built by a Filemaker expert but unfortunate he has left now, the system still have errors and he provided very little documentation.

The system contains, many tables and fields with calculations, value lists, Layouts, scripts, etc. so it is a big task to handle for a novice Filemaker person.

There are few error that I need to fix, but being new to Filemaker and having limited documentation it has shown to be extremely hard.

I am therefor looking for someone that is willing to help me, with both documentation and trouble shooting, this can be done remotely as the system is hosted in the cloud on a filemaker server provider.

If interested, please let me know.


Michael (the novice filemaker person)