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Hello my name is Juan Carlos Carvajal and I am Colombian, I am currently in Valledupar-Cesar, I am an industrial engineer and I had the opportunity to know the applications of Filemaker applied to different models of commercial companies, at the moment I am dedicated to creating and developing applied solutions Of operation and control, processes and procedures necessary for the improvement of any company, my approach is directed to the medium and small companies. I see that I can develop as a complement the implementation of solutions based on the application of filemaker, I want to know how I can start to develop by means of technical books and accompaniment to have Filemaker as support to present the improvement proposals that can be presented. Just as it is possible to have a temporary license to learn, develop and show the application already in execution. I do not speak English fluently, I read and I write it.

stay tuned to any comments .

My mail is

Juancarloscarvajal2@gmail.com, juancarloscarvajal2@icloud.com,



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Juan Carlos Carvajal