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Value List from another table

Question asked by yodavish on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hello FM Community,


I'm new to FileMaker Pro and I'm stuck on an issue when trying to display an AutomatedEmailID fields for only their specific Studies.


In this solution I have a Study table that can have multiple Automated Emails which I've created a separate table called AutomatedEmails as a definitions of sorts for that specific Study i.e. Monthly or daily emails.  However, the Study table starts another one to many table relationship path: Study to Site, Site to Contacts, Contacts to ContactAutomatedEmail.  I created another table occurrence of the AutomatedEmails table which relates its primary key "AutomatedEmailID" to the foreign key field, "fAutomatedEmailID", in the ContactAutomatedEmail table. I then created a drop down list/pop-up menu style for the "fAutomatedEmailID" field with a value list that uses the "AutomatedEmailID" values from the AutomatedEmails table. When selecting the "Include all values" I do see all the "AutomatedEmailID" values which of course is not what I want. So I tried using the "Include only related values starting from:" option and selected "Study" in hopes that this will only display the appropriate "AutomatedEmailID" fields related to its Study, but the field then gives me "<No values define>".


I'm not sure what I'm missing and any help would be great. Also, I apologize for any confusion in this question as I'm fairly new to this (1 month of learning FM).