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Go to a related record via left function

Question asked by dchaley369 on Aug 28, 2017
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Need a hand here...

We have 12 vehicles running 2 types of routes.

Each Vehicle and run is identified like such "V1N" "V2N" "V3N" or "V1P" "V2P" "V3P",   which stands for V1= Vehicle 1, V2= Vehicle 2 and so on and so forth up to the 12 vehicle count...  the last letter N or P represents the type of route.


We have a payroll layout that sums the run count of each vehicle.

The run count is on the drivers record Layout.

Sometimes we need to adjust a run count while in the payroll layout.

So we need to navigate to the right Drivers Record Layout and the right type of route N or P and show the related record.


I have set up a script that works well using the left function @ 3 that sends us to the right layout by identifying the N or P, But I do not know how to account for vehicles 2-12 using that function.

Anyway, is there a way to use V1N, V2N, V3N, so on and so forth to accomplish this with the left function


Is there another way that makes better sense?


I hope I am being clear.


Thank as always for all help!