Keyboard doesn't open under very specific circumstances

Discussion created by dansmith65 on Aug 28, 2017

Product and version FileMaker Go 15.0.4 (as best I can tell, it doesn't affect other versions)

OS and version iOS 9.3.5 (as best I can tell, it doesn't affect other OS's)

Hardware 3rd Gen iPad

Description Keyboard doesn't open when activating an edit field and pup-up menus don't open. Only seems to occur if the file was opened with fmp url. It also only seems to affect FMGo 15 on iOS9, but my ability to test other versions is limited.

How to replicate

  1. Open the attached files in FileMaker Pro, or Server.
  2. From FM Go 15.0.4 on iOS 9, open the file named "launcher" from the above host.
  3. Tap the "Open Launched" button
  4. Account Name: Admin, no password, Save in Keychain, Require Passcode
  5. Test to confirm pop-up menu works (it should)
  6. Close "launched" file
  7. Tap the "Open Launched" button (again)
  8. Test pop-up menu (if all the conditions for this bug are met, then it won't open)


  1. Press home button, then go back to app; keyboard/pop-up menus should work as expected. You'll have to do this every time you open the file with the "launcher".
  2. Don't store the password in keychain or don't require iOS passcode if you do.
  3. Edit field's can bring up they keyboard by double-tapping them, but this doesn't work for pop-up menus.



I don't really expect any resolution on this issue since it only appears to affect older versions. I mostly wanted to document the cause and work-around, for my future self who is bound to forget!