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Insert conditional text on layout

Question asked by carlsson on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by beverly

When presenting information you sometimes come in a situation where you want to add a comma, point, or something else, depending on the content of a field. Is the only possible way to do this by creating calculation fields?



The Merge text on a layout could look like this:

<<Client Name>>, <<Location>>.

...and would be presented like this:

Apple, Cupertino CA.


But, let's say I don't know the location, then I neither want the comma nor the space to show, ie;



This could be solved by a calculation like this:

Client Name & If(Location; ", " & Location) & "."



Since this could happen a couple of times in a normal solution, I think it's stupid to create separate calculations only for this simple situation.

Is there an easier way that I have missed?