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Calendar solution for meeting rooms, suggestions wanted

Question asked by Fimano on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by JohnSindelar

My client has a solution for booking of internal meeting rooms.

It is built purely for Pro, but recently they have had a little demand for Go and/or WebDirect.

It was built some years ago, using a base table with static calc fields, upon which the calendar layout is based. There are fixed time slots, 22 half hours per day. The meeting rooms are fixed, with static columns on the layout. I expanded it some four years ago from 6 to 8 meeting rooms. After that, there were 22 * 8 = 176 table occurrences, servicing one cell each. The calendar only has a daily view, with a column for each room, its column header being the room name, purpose, capacity and such, and below all the time slot rows a summary of the available equipment such as projector, speakers...

There is limited functionality, other than booking the time slots, usually by putting the guest/client name in the description field. But one functions is integration with the kitchen, so they get a request to serve coffee, cookies, lunch...

The current wish is to expand with even more meeting rooms. I think we've reached the reasonable limit for fitting this into 1 layout and especially for the number of table occurrences!

I'm looking for suggestions to present for my client. For me, it would make sense to have a presentation in Apple Calendar, using a CalDAV server. Given the description above, I'd like recommendations for templates/solutions like:



360Works Zulu




They have around (even above) 80 users, but not nearly so many at the same time. Latest version of both Pro and Server. Mostly Mac, possibly a few windows workstations. Since 2010, 25000+ appointments.