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Best approach to re-assign ID to order

Question asked by on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hello Community,


I have a scenario here I need help with.


I have developed an ordering system. I have 3 tables; Customer, Orders and OrdersDetails.


Customers >> Orders >> OrdersDetails. 


User select customers(customer table) from dropdown, click new order(order table) and add multiple items (order details) for that order. All works well.


The scenario I need help is something like this.


My client would like to order stock. They might buy something in bulk and than assign stock to different customers later on.


I have created a customer "stock customer". When I need to order any stock I select "Stock Customer" and than I add all the stock which I place on order. Once that stock is arrived, I will mark the order status as arrived.


I'm struggling on how would I assign any stock to different customer.  I might me assigning one order line item to one customer and another to another customer.


I have button "Assign" next to each row of stock. Clicking that open popup. In the popup i have a dropdown menu of customer which user would select to assign that line item. If I simply change the customerID of the line item to the selected customer, it wont work.


Anyone has any ideas of how I can re-juggle this scenario and solve this.


Many Thanks