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Combining and then Comparing fields from tables?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Aug 29, 2017
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This forum helped me redesign the setup for a project I had to make it "more flexible". I need could use advice on how to make it functional, hehehe.




3 tables:


Test_Results                    Test                         TestQuestions

Test_Results_ID                                              TestQuestions_ID

Test_ID               <-->      Test_ID     <-->        Test_ID

resp_001                                                         SectionNumber

resp_002                                                         QuestionNumber [in Section]

...                                                                     Question_Correct





Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.14.47 PM.png

There are different types of Tests that have different numbers of Questions per section. I have response (ie. resp_001) fields that equal the max total number of possible questions.


What I need is once a Test_ID is selected for the compare_ fields to compare the resp_ field to the appropriate matching Test Question_Correct if you ordered the Test Questions from 1 on up (ie. Section 1, Question 1 is start; then Section 2, Question 1 is Section 1 Last Question # +1; etc.). I do have TestType table linked to a SectionType table that lists the number of Questions per section, if that helps; though I think something with ordering Section Number and Questions is likely the solution somewhere.


Is there a way to create a dynamic list of the 1-215 Questions universal to any Test selected, and then dynamically have that in a compare_ calc field to do the comparing?


In a previous iteration I used this in the calc field for comparison, but that was when the questions were matched in non-dynamic tables:


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.39.42 PM.png