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Interactive containers and Foxit Business not working

Question asked by JimmyCox on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by JimmyCox

Has anyone come across any problems using Foxit business as their default PDF viewer with interactive containers? We have a solution where the client loads PDF's into containers and on my end (using a mac and adobe acrobat) the PDF's are all interactive with the containers, but on the clients end (using PC and Foxit Business) they are just getting a little foxit PDF icon.

The kicker is they have another solution and they can view the PDF's just fine.

All using FM16 I believe.

I'm awaiting confirmation to see if perhaps they are opening the older solution (where the containers work) in FM 15 and the new one in FM 16 to see if FM version may be the issue but as far as I'm aware they are only using FM 16