FMPro 16 solution on Windows 10: "Filemaker has stopped..."

Discussion created by ralvy on Aug 29, 2017
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I have a solution that works fine in a vmware Windows 10 machine on my Macbook Pro. It is started with a Starter file that calls the Main file. If I install it on the enduser's Windows machine, it works fine if I start it by doubleclicking on the Main file. However, if I choose to start it by doubleclicking on the Starter file, after a few seconds I'm told that Filemaker Pro has stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution. No solution is given and I am given a Close button.


I'm at a loss as to where to look, since it works fine over here in a vmware Windows 10 machine.


One caveat: The enduser is running Filemaker Pro 16 Trial, and they are on Day 1 of that Trial.