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Scripting issue - I don't see the cause

Question asked by mz5005 on Aug 30, 2017
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I need to do something really important coming monday for which the attached scripts need to run, but they don't. I am staring at them already for 2 days and I can't see where it goes wrong. Would be very very grateful if anyone can find the problem.

The scripts have always worked. But recently bought a new laptop and also moved from Office to OpenOffice, so needed to make a few changes in field names (data is delivered in spreadsheets etc).




We have our basic contactinfo in a table AllContacts. Our sales-people of course all have contacts. We gather their contacts data in a table called TempInfo. Then scripts are used so check whom of the contacts we already know and if so, if we have that contact already from the same salesperson or from a different one (to prevent doubles). The scripts determine what is the case and attaches a status for it (1,2 or 3 --> see script comments). Data for a known contact is always overwritten with the new data, regardless of changed or not. In case of status 3 (new contact), a new record should be made and filled with the relevant data.

Tables and scripts attached. NewExistDouble is the main script. It calls the subscript UpdateContactInfo when necessary.

What happens? The scripts don't crash, they run until the end, but no new contacts are added (while there are quite few for sure) - the situation after running the scripts is the same as before.

Because I have not made any changes to the code other than field names and lay-outs, the problem is probably in there.

Thanks for any ideas!