Behaviour of Drop down list

Discussion created by andre.tgs on Aug 30, 2017
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     I have a question and i don't know if is possible.


     I set a list of value from table A, where the first field is the id_field, and the second value is the description of the value. Set to show only the second field on the list.


     If i put a field in the layout to set this field and use a pop up menu, it shows the second value, and after i select it it keep showing the second value.

     But if i change the field to drop down list, it display the second value for selection, but after i select, it changes the value and display in the field the first value, and this is not what i want.

     I need to use the drop down list because i want to use the feature of auto complete of the field when i am typing.


     There is a way to do the drop down list to have the same behaviour of the pop up menu ?


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