Builds complete string using Filemaker; builds partial string using WEBDirect

Discussion created by JohnGagne on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2017 by James Parker

Very bad news.  This must be a problem introduced by 16.

My Engine (FileMaker File) builds a string, and returns it in a script result (sends to WEB Direct FileMaker File)

At first I thought string wasn't being passed back completely, but found that string was not building completely in Engine when using WEB Direct.

Script result string is simply concatenation of field values.


Debugging has revealed that string is not completely built in the engine (when using web direct - Safari on MAC)

String does build completely when running in FileMaker on same MAC.


Note: String would build completely in version 15

         It builds completely when running in FileMaker (304 characters)

         Fails to build complete string when running in Safari Web Direct. (Stops at 262 characters)

         Concatenation of characters stops at a blank (space) in the middle of a field's value ("2017 October")

         Thought it was because I added some characters today.

         But Web Direct falls way short of my addition - fails to build what it used to build in 15; fails to build what it build using FileMaker today.


FileMaker Advanced 16.02.205

FileMaker Server

MACOS Sierra 10.12.6

Safari 10.1.2 (12603.8)


John Gagne