Microservices, anyone? Anyone?

Discussion created by fmpdude on Aug 30, 2017
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Since I'm always writing here on the forum about how microservices help me extend FMP's capabilities, some folks have suggested I include (for example, PeterDoern, FileKraft) more information about microservices. Additionally, Peter suggested I put together a "how to" article for that section on the forum here.


Since this is a FMP forum, I've resisted posting Java code and merely alluded to microservices' usefulness. When responding to forum threads, I usually create an actual FMP mini-application to demonstrate microservice functionality, or, more specifically, how I would solve a particular problem with a microservice.


In any case, before I put together a "how to" article, I wanted to gauge how many people would actually be interested in learning about (and trying to create) a simple "Hello World" microservice you could call from FMP. (Once you get the "Hello World" service up and running, you're ready to go with more cool).


Using the easy-to-use Spark Java framework, a page to get you started with either Eclipse or Intellij is below.


Setting up Spark with Maven - Spark Framework: An expressive web framework for Kotlin and Java.


This page has step by step instructions and may be all most people need to get most of the way there.


Please reply to this thread with your interest and ideas.


(A standalone JDBC example article or even JDBC integrated in a microservice would be another idea.)