Can not query data from MS SQL table

Discussion created by Joshua_1 on Aug 30, 2017
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I am using Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced as a front end and am trying to access information from MS SQL tables. I made the ODBC Systems DSN connection and brought in my MS SQL database tables onto Filemaker. If I create portal rows and drop a field from the shadow tables... I can read and write. However, when I try to query information from the shadow tables, I get the "?"


Here is a simple query that I wrote in a calc field:


ExecuteSQL("SELECT CustName FROM Clients"; ""; ""; "")




ExecuteSQL("SELECT CustName FROM dbo.Clients"; ""; ""; "")

ExecuteSQL("SELECT dbo.CustName FROM dbo.Clients"; ""; ""; "")

ExecuteSQL("SELECT \"CustName\" FROM \"Clients\""; ""; ""; "")


Each time the result is "?"... what am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance