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Creating Custom Film Editing Database - too many manys

Question asked by pixel8tor on Aug 30, 2017
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Hello you amazing filemaker community.  I am a film director and also supervising the post-production / editing phase for our incredible feature documentary movie that's been 10 years in the making about over 30 at-risk teen girls living in the middle of America.  We see what it is like to grow up in America today as the American Dream seems to be fading.  Point is, there's no budget to bring in an awesome FM developer.  So we are pushing our brains to their limits.  My film has literally thousands of hours of footage.  I was one of the editors on 2 documentaries on the Lord of the Rings - Two Towers DVD.  That project also had me wrangling thousands of hours of Peter Jackson's behind-the-scenes footage - but without the benefit of a database. 


I have created several databases w filemaker for clients in the past - but I've done the front-end (create each page, define fields, navigation, everything needed, etc) but hired a FM developer for the magic.  I definitely realize I am in over my head - but I'm gonna get it done & get this amazing movie finished.


So here I am... trying to determine many-to-many, join tables and how to solve this initial hurdle - the set-up (1) which table is our parent and (2) which tables require join tables and finally (3) can our join tables be more versatile.  I've looked over past databases but each developer sets the relationships page up in such vastly different ways.  it's amazing how many different ways filemaker can be built w/ similar results. 


Our film's tables:
I. Shoot Dates - (the film spans ten years and includes each days shooting events plus a roster of personal events per day to specific people on-screen (cast)).
II. Footage Logs - (All footage shot for the movie.  Each has it's own unique Footage ID#)

    IIa. Footage Log Entries (Takes) - (Each moment of footage broken down into a "Scene and "Take" and what happens onscreen here)

III. People/Cast - (Anyone / everyone on-screen)

    IIIa. A Person's Documents/Releases (pdf attachments)

IV. Cuts - (These our our edited pieces)  


Functionality:  I'd like our Cast Layout to show basic info, Documents, personality traits, etc but also to show footage they are in (Footage ID#'s) & what they are doing in that Scene/Take (With the data shown in a portal from the Footage Logs. Here on the Footage Log I'd like our user to be able to see/select the Shoot Date (shown in a portal with the Shoot Date Events) for a clear picture of what happened that day on the shoot and to specific top people onscreen (cast).   We've created all of our layouts, fields and portals but now need to make it all work. 


Relationships: 1 Shoot Date can have many logs with many people and many cuts.  A cut can include many Shoot Dates thus many everything else.  A person can be on many shoot dates, in many logs and appear in many cuts. In fact, it seems they are all many to many... I know I am missing something important and BIG... Thank you so much for any thoughts any of you might have.