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UniqueValues field not working in Find

Question asked by rjhelmuth on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by philmodjunk

First of all, excuse my ignorance, I'm a serious newbie!


Am I missing something? I have a field in a Parent table (Family) where I want to gather UniqueValues from a field in a Child table (Contacts).

Using the new native "UniqueValues" function I get the desired results, but can't do any kind of a Find on that field (either through a script or a manual find). Here's the Calc definition for that scenario:

UniqueValues ( List ( FamilyMemberContacts::Housing LocationCalc ) )

If I remove the UniqueValues function, I get the full listing which isn't what I want, but a Find does work. Here's how that looks:

List ( FamilyMemberContacts::Housing LocationCalc )

If I use the BaseElements function I get desired results AND a Find works:

BE_Values_Unique ( List ( FamilyMemberContacts::Housing LocationCalc ) )


Is this a bug with the UniqueValues Function, or am I not understanding how it should work?


Thanks in advance!