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FMS 15 - Database corruption

Question asked by ErichWetzel on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by ErichWetzel

MacOS 10.11.6, FMS


This setup ran without issue for 6-8 months. Over the last couple of months though, we have had 4 situations, occurring at different points in the day, unrelated to any script runs or scheduled events, where our main database becomes uncommunicative. The errors show up as login errors in the FMS admin-console log but nothing that indicates an actual problem.  Strangely each login shows as a problem, but the database lets the user in. All scripts disappear and functionality becomes minimal. Oddly even pressing the red close window button on the open database window triggers a "script is unavailable" error.


Unloading the database from FMS and attempting to open it with FMP directly gives a general "permissions may be corrupt" error and no access whatsoever.


To get going again, we back off to a recent backup and try to manually reenter information and reload the database onto the server and pull what we can extract from it as exports.


The MacOS System and All Messages logs show nothing eventful happening at the time of the failure we had today.


Anyone have suggestions where or what else to look at before we actually lose data?


Thanks - Erich