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Finding the largest three values and coloring them green...

Question asked by wacker on Aug 30, 2017
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Hi, FileMaker experts!


I am stuck with a problem that I can't seem to solve and would really appreciate your assistance.  My skills with FileMaker are limited as I have been dusting off memories of using FileMaker 5.5, though I am finding FileMaker 15 to be awesome.  Here's my problem.


I have a table that will produce a report which uses two separate relational database tables of data to populate the report.  I have developed this solution in this manner because there are hundreds of fields needed for this report already laid out in an Excel spreadsheet, which saves me time from creating fields in an additional table within the database.  What I need the database to do is to look through a set of fields and determine the three highest values and color the three fields green.


This is what I have tried already: I've read about the conditional formatting functionality in FM15 and the ability to develop a formula to carry this task out.  I also know that this task can be completed in Excel using the LARGE function, so if Excel can do it, I'm sure that FM can as well.  When I use ExcuteSQL to try to determine and color the three largest values, all records in my database are green.  Here is my statement:


ExecuteSQL ("SELECT MAX(ESImport::_3LA.A.1, ESImport::_3LA.A.3, ESImport::_3LA.A.4, ESImport::_3LA.B.10, ESImport::_3LA.B.11, ESImport::_3LA.B.12, ESImport::_3LA.B.13, FROM ESImport)" ; "" ; "")


What am I doing wrong? Do you have any advice or a solution for me?

Thank you!