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Designing a registration and survey database

Question asked by rohrkemper on Aug 31, 2017

I'm designing an event registration database with the following requirements:

  • accept registrations and perform surveys via WebDirect
    • enter personal data, answer questions about preferences, satisfaction, etc
  • allow non-developers to customize surveys before making them live (similar to Survey Monkey)
    • define the visible questions, their order, and the data type of each
      • i.e. name, address, vegetarian or not, preference for each session (select from a list)
  • validate the entered data before commit
  • save data from multiple events


Here are my ideas so far. Does anyone have some feedback on the feasibility of this project or have you perhaps even seen a template with some of this functionality?

  • FileMaker developer will:
    • Develop database which allows the flexibility discussed
    • Use multiple records per session, likely one for each question
    • Update regularly with new features as needed
  • Event admin will
    • Enter all metadata for the event
    • Not edit the DB structure or change the layouts
    • Select the order of pages, i.e. first page will have only edit boxes, the second only checkbox, etc
  • User (person filling out form) will
    • View the first layout end enter personal information
    • Click next for the second layout/page which will have a different interface type (i.e. checkboxes or radio buttons)
    • Click submit at the end


Thanks for your feedback!