FileMaker Enterprise?

Discussion created by thomasgpeters on Aug 31, 2017
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I have been thinking about FileMaker roadmap, and want to see FileMaker, Inc. take the product to the next level.  As I have re acquainted myself again with FileMaker in 2016, am brewing some improvements I'd like to see.  One way would be for the FileMaker Product Team to start thinking about the Enterprise.  Think about the big business folks out there in corporate teams, upon teams, upon teams.  Executive teams, Business, Deployment, application asset management, Dev-Ops, and di I say "Business".  Businesses needs inter-departmental collaboration.  Folks in these businesses need to be able to express their business requirements in a way IT can understand.  That's always been the case!


Here's a idea!  Get rid of the "Edit Layout" button.  Tie the developer experience to the users credentials using an in-memory user profile.  If a user has the privilege to make changes to an app, then, when logging in, the user experience be an a developer.  All users would have the ability to change context based on their user profile.


Here's another idea!  Give the designer the ability to embed layouts within other layouts.  Also give the developer the ability to create a special layout that is a wireframe with common header, footer, left and right regions etc...  Each layout has a context with the ability for layouts to have a relationship model.  Layouts should have configurable parameters within this context model.


I am happy to take either of these ideas into separate threads as well.


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I like the idea of being able to toggle between runtime mod