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Auto Import PDF Files

Question asked by craig157 on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by jbrown

Hi All,


Working on a new project and looking for some help.


So I have set up the front end of this project to make these PDFs into a specific naming convention which I now hope to import into our Filemaker Database by script.


Essentially the file names are like: CompanyId_InvoiceNumber_Date_Time


I've got a loading layout in my Filemaker for where we would manually add these files with the same field names. When the PDF is added to the container it uses the same naming convention and stores it.


My front end system; will save these PDFs just on the Temp Folder we have created and I would like the Filemaker Script too:

1) Look in the temp folder to see if any files present

2) If there is - then grab the PDF

3) Look at the file name to decide which CompanyId to assign it too.

4) Upload the PDF and complete the record details.

5) Once uploaded, delete or move from Original File Path (we have a script to write to our backup as soon as the file is created)


Anyone know a good way to go about this?