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Sum of a Value List

Question asked by netjess on Sep 1, 2017
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I searched for this and did not find an answer that matched my situation or that I could understand how to implement.

I have a Return Authorization data set that I am trying to put in FM16.

I have two tables, RALOG and RAITEMS. The RALOG has unique RA number in a column RA_Num, the RAITEMS has column RANUM and PRICE (there are a couple of other columns but these are the two I am concerned with in this question). I have a relationship of the tables between table RALOG and column RA_Num and the table RAITEMS and column RANUM

I created a tabbed layout and first tab is RA Entry, where the RA is created. The second tab is a list of Items being returned and there price; this is a value list from the RAITEMS table so that it shows all of the items with the same RANUM along with their details including PRICE.


How would I go about creating a field that shows the SUM of the PRICE column and a field that shows the COUNT of the items? I ask about the count because there could be 2 items or 200 and I think it would be good to reflect that somewhere.


I have an understanding of how to do some things in SQL and Spreadsheets but not FileMaker. So solution may need to tell me how to create it and place it.


Thank you.